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Spring Air Plant Wreath

This past week Vicki and I had fun making a pastel spring wreath that you can make yourself in less than an hour. What's better is that it will last all season with an occasional misting and makes your whole front door area smell like lavender and eucalyptus. So good! We took a trip to our local flower shop for the fresh stuff and picked up a pre-made wood wreath to make it easy. The base is just moss that we stuffed (with a butter knife – I know, not glamorous) into the weaves of the wreath. Then we nestled the air plants tightly around the wreath and wove in eucalyptus, silver brunia (silvery balls), astrantia (little white flowers), veronica (pretty pink), thistle (be careful with this spiky guy!), and lavender. We didn't follow any kind of formula, just added pieces, took a step back to see how it was coming along, and added more...

The great thing about this wreath is that all the fresh stuff will dry over time and stay beautiful. If you'd like to maintain the look of a fresh wreath, you can replace the fresh sprigs with time, or just spruce it up right before a get together when you need it looking perfect. Have fun!

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Carmel - July 6, 2016

Which nursery did you buy the airplanes from?

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