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Instead of getting a puppy, we made an herb garden. It was just as expensive and dirty, but slightly less hairy. It's all about the return on investment though, and word is, if you keep watering it, it'll keep giving you herbs. It was pretty simple. The dudes did the dirt....and nailing, stapling, etc. I did the pointing, talking and picture-taking. It worked out really well. 

We picked up the pallet from behind a school building and the landscape fabric from the hardware store. The hammer & nails were used to secure legs to the pallet, in order to hold it up before eventually turning it vertically.

We chose rosemary, parsley, sage, lavender, oregano, garlic, serranos, mini red bell, swiss chard, spinach, mixed greens, thyme and basil. We planted the drier herbs up top, and moist plants at the bottom. 

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