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Enjoy free shipping on orders of $150+ in the continental US!


I woke up today unemployed! At least not employed by anyone else but myself. Yesterday was my very last day as a full-time marketing professional at a local San Diego company. Terrified, fearful, excited, giddy, nervous, relieved and PRESSURED (in all CAPS) come to mind when trying to describe my complicated feelings about the whole thing. 

Before this morning there weren't enough hours in the day, the week, or the weekend, to juggle my "real" full time job and Sister Golden. Every hour at "real" work was spent thinking about Sister Golden and every night when I had to force myself to stop working on Sister Golden, I wished I didn't have to sleep so I could just keep going. 

So rather serendipitously, my company decided to move its headquarters from San Diego to Dallas, TX and I took this change as the opportunity to move on, take a huge risk, and commit to working on Sister Golden full time, officially. Huge gulp. 

The sense of relief I felt driving away from the office yesterday was fleeting as the pressure rose. The pressure to take better photos, do and document more creative things, connect with more artists, grow our collection of pieces, seek out more collaborations, do things that will get us noticed in an industry full of the most creative and eclectic people, while staying true to the things we stand for and carving out a niche for ourselves. So much easier said than done.

I think a big part of carving out this niche and making SG different will have to do with challenging myself to share more personal notes with you. What happens behind the ".com". Because when I'm not researching, photographing, html-ing (html-ing is a new verb in my vocabulary), styling, photoshopping (another new verb), bookkeeping, packaging, etc., I'll be doing things like worrying about what I'm not doing that I should be (I've thought about this at least three times while writing this post!), experimenting with Paleo cooking, cycling, reading, trying out new foodie places, and perusing coffee shops and local boutiques. 

I want this to be a place where V and I continue to share styling ideas, interviews, updates on new arrivals and the like, but also where I share more about what's going on behind the homepage. I want to realize our Sister Golden mission – to celebrate art, design, color and craftsmanship – in all aspects of my life, and share it with you. 

So, here goes. 

Thanks for following along. Your support now, more than ever, means the world to me and V. 

Send along a good vibe and a piece of advice for a creative entrepreneur if you've got one!





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