Not that there's a single thing wrong with a green spruce wreath finished with some sparkly bows and ornaments. Again, I think it's the un-fall like weather and the never ending holiday inspiration on the internet that's got me craving a less traditional, more earthy, but just as statement-making wreath. 

I rounded up a few photos I liked and eventually decided on two vibes. One that didn't scream Christmas, but still worked the green and red, and one that can be enjoyed in fall, winter and even spring!

WAY 1: 

What I used: pre-made twig wreath / a few different types of Eucalyptus / pink, red, white and plum colored berries and pinecones from the craft store / wire to tie down stray pieces 

I simply wove branches of Eucalyptus through the twig wreath and tied down pieces that had a mind of their own, making sure the branches and leaves were all moving in the same direction. I knew I didn't want the greenery to cover the entire circle, just to add more whimsy and undone-ness to the look of the wreath. So I chose to concentrate my Eucalyptus on the right side, adding most of my berries and pinecones there as well, and tapering everything around to the left. A trick: actually hang your wreath on the wall when you get stuck or think you're finished. You'll probably notice a few bald spots, or places that need to be trimmed or need more berries, etc. 

See how I did it: 



Way 2: 

What I used: pre-made twig wreath / yellow Eucalyptus / Celosia from the farmer's market / a feather and grasses from the craft store / wire 

I started this wreath like I did the first one, by deciding where I wanted to focus my "special stuff", like my Celosia and feather, and then weaving the yellow Eucalyptus into the wreath in the same direction the twigs were moving. I cut the tops of the Celosia and wove those in next in the bottom right corner of the wreath. Because this wreath is pretty neutral, the hot pink flowers make it work. I then wove in a a few grasses and finally my single feather. I don't know if I achieved the "Bohemian Christmas" vision that I had so lustfully imagined in my head (ha!), but I'm happy with how it turned out. 

I'm not a planner, but making a wreath is so much easier when you plan it out somewhat. Find photos that inspire you, buy more than you need at the craft store and return what you don't use later on. It's much more fun to have a lot of wreath toppings that fit your vibe to choose from than not having enough (did you see that spread of stuff on my table?). 

Any non-traditional holiday wreath ideas you'd like to share? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear!


Rose McInerney:

Simply beautiful wreaths – a modern, fresh holiday look to carry into the Spring. Super inspiring.

Jan 06, 2015

Lisa Mathis:

I love them both but really love the last one!! Beautiful work Brook <3 <3

Nov 20, 2014


I want one of the green ones for Christmas for our front door.

Nov 20, 2014

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