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I've been really inspired by all these creative people making their own wrapping paper this year. It really does make the act of gift giving that much more special. If there's something really meaningful and heartfelt inside the package, it just makes sense to have the outside reflect that sentiment too, right? There are so many cool wrapping ideas floating around the internet, but I honed in on a few DIY designs with Kraft paper – mainly because I package with it all the time, and always have a huge roll of it on hand. It's also more rustic looking, and a completely blank canvas, which I like! Read on for four really easy, inexpensive, make-your-own wrapping papers + more info on our complimentary gift wrapping special!

Deer Print: stamp // white paint or white ink pad // tree sticker // cinnamon stick // red/white twine – sponge white paint on to your stamp (from Michael's) and stamp on to kraft paper however you'd like. Let dry, wrap, and finish with the sticker, cinnamon stick and twine. 

Glitter Dots: clear adhesive dots (I used Zots) // glitter // miniature twig wreath (from Michael's) // tag – apply the adhesive dots onto the paper in any pattern. Sprinkle glitter over each dot and shake off the access, wrap, and finish by glueing or taping the wreath to the package. 

Stripes: Washi tape // glitter tape // wood snowflakes (from Michael's) // tag – plan out the order/thickness you'd like your stripes, then stick in place. You can use a ruler and pencil marks to ensure the stripes are straight if you'd like. Adhere snowflakes to the package with glue or tap, placing one snowflake over the whole on your tag. 

Small Picture: small image // piece of thicker paper for backing // ribbon // small ornament – I love the idea of printing out a small picture that means something to you, whether it's a photo of the person you're giving the gift to or a small picture of what's actually in the package. I simply printed my image from my home printer and secured to a square of thicker, textured paper. Adhere the photo to your wrapped package and tie with ribbon. Finish with a small ornament, sprig of greenery, or something else!

Because we're really keen on the idea of wrapping to reflect the special gift on the inside, we're offering free gift wrapping of any original 8x8 canvas by Vicki Rawlins purchased before 12/15 (the last day for delivery-by-Christmas orders!). Your painting will come wrapped similarly to one of the examples above and ready to be given to a (really lucky) loved one. 

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Happy wrapping, guys!

PS. Photos by the wonderful Matt Sampson who says I still have glitter in my eyebrows!  

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