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A fresh new year starts NOW. Anyone else feeling overwhelmed? For some reason all the big hype and bigger promises we make to ourselves around every new year, like "this year will be the best year yet" and "this year I'm going to do better at this" or "this year I'm going to completely cut out that", always leaves me feeling deprived and kind of empty. Especially when the resolution is unrealistic, forced, or focused on something I'm NOT good at and how to try to make it better – that's depressing. Who wants to be reminded of everything they're horrible at when we're supposed to be "starting fresh" and making 2015 "the best ever"? Not me. Instead, we're focusing on all the great things we've accomplished and made us the happiest in 2014, and expanding on and cultivating those things. For me and V, that was the start of our new business and all the amazingly talented and creative people we've met along the way, including our crazy cool customers. So, we're choosing to learn as much as we can, invent, experiment and create as much as possible this year, not without the help of all of you of course. Our motto for the very beginning of 2015: "Make it happen". 

We'd love for you to join us and make your "it" happen this year. To make sure we're always hustling toward our goal and gettin' it done, we created a few free downloadable screen savers highlighting our "Make it happen" mantra. We hope you'll download your favorites to enjoy on your personal computers, too!

Check back around the beginning of each month for new downloadable designs and let us know what your "it" is if you feel like sharing!

Quick download: 1) Click the link below each design 2) In the new tab that appears right click and "Save Image as".  

Download Circles 1 Here

Download Circles 2 Here

Download Circles 3 Here

Download Circles 4 Here


Art of Organics:

I love this! The start of a new year, new business, new dreams can be incredibly overwhelming. I am launching a new business in 2015 (also located in San Diego!). “Make It Happen” is my daily mantra!

Thanks for the inspiration and best of luck as the year unfolds!


Jan 19, 2015


Well, I’m a bit late with a comment here, but when I saw your “make it happen” motto for the year I had to leave a quick note. Are you by chance familiar with Lara Casey? She is all about “Making it Happen” and she’s inspired and motivated me to make this an amazing year. Give here a google if you are interested (her blog in particular). I don’t think you will be disappointed. I’m an artist myself and 2015 is going to be the year I make my (art) work my life. As you know, there is so much beauty in the world. I’m looking forward to embracing the beauty, creating my own, and giving back to the world in gratitude.

Blessings to your new year!

Jan 12, 2015

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