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Enjoy free shipping on orders of $150+ in the continental US


Happy Monday, friends! For the first few special people who requested your face in foliage, here they are! Links to download each are provided below the image. Simply click the link. The image will appear in a new tab or window. Right click the image and select "Save Image As" to save the picture on your computer. We would LOVE if you shared your face on Facebook and/or Instagram, making sure to tag @sistergolden on Facebook or @sistergoldenshop on Instagram. A quick note from the woman behind the flowers, V:


These foliage faces aren’t my original idea by any means; many before me have tried their hand at them. But I love them because they’re free, fun and therapeutic! It’s as easy as taking a walk and picking up sticks, leaves, grass, and maybe “borrowing” some flowers from your garden or a neighbor’s. Then it's just about sitting and creating! I built mine on a white background because I knew I’d take photos, but personally I think the sidewalk or a sand beach would make for a more therapeutic version! The point is to not get wrapped up in worrying about if it's good enough, or if it looks like a real person. Just play, and when the wind blows you can start all over again.


Having said the above, I found it more of a challenge creating foliage faces for people I know! Would their personality come through, would they be able to see themselves in my creation in any way…and, gasp!…what if they didn’t like it! In capturing each person I channeled both physical characteristics and, in some, exclusively inner energy. While I'm not sure I got anything exactly “right”, I’ll take the risk, because the bottom line is I had fun when I stopped worrying about what anybody would think. 


Jen – Download – "All the girls were jealous of Jen’s closet full of party dresses, but only her cat, Nellie, knew how many pairs of shoes she really had."

Shilpy – Download – "Shilpy had said 'yes' but her look of surprise over the 'perfect ring' hasn’t faded yet."

Diane – Download – "Don't be mistaken, these tears are ones of gratitude and joy, her heart is full."

Laura – Download – "Today Laura walked through the crowd knowing all eyes were on her."

Kristina – Download – "The feathers seemed to be flying from Kristina’s nest, so she balanced the eggs on her head keeping her babies safe and warm."

Rachel – Download – "After an eye opening weekend, Rachel dares to go where most women would never...she decides the best make-up is none at all!

Beth – Download – "Beth’s neighbors in NOLA are still trying to figure out how she can walk three dogs and drink her coffee without spilling!"

Can we take a crack at your face in foliage? Let us know if you're interested in a comment below!  



Sweet Melissa - March 23, 2015

What a happy find, so beautiful! It would be so fun to have my face in foliage, would love to see what you could do with this redhead.

Brianne Jeanette - March 20, 2015

I would LOVE to have a face done in flowers! Not only am I obsessed with flowers, I also love and collect unique pieces of art, and would love to have something like this at home. I’ll even pay! :)

Molly Norwood - March 6, 2015

I LOVE the foliage faces. All of your work is outstanding. Best wishes and keep up the good work. I am interested in getting one of the faces done - maybe of my granddaughters - maybe ME!?

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