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Anyone else have a two-plus-coffee-a-day routine? I'll admit to sneaking in an iced something right around 3pm more often than not, and that caffeine ritual isn't something I'm about to give up. Instead of a big chocolate chunk cookie to accompany my midday cup, though, I'm all about these coconut flour blueberry lemon muffins with a nut crumble! V whips these up around any holiday for breakfast and they're always a big hit. I love them any time of the day!

Aren't these the cutest dishes? They're meant to be used however you'd like, like displaying jewelry, perfume, appetizers, or hey, blueberry muffins! You can find them up on our home goods shelves. Also loving our watercolor tea towels agains the polka dots!

Is there anything you like to snack on with an afternoon coffee?

Here's the recipe:


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