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Hi everyone, V here! I’ve been painting, drawing, and working with many different textiles for years, but if you would of asked me a year ago if I could picture myself making portraits out of twigs and flowers, I would of said "you're crazy!". Well, call me crazy, because I’m not only doing just that, but I’m pretty much addicted to the process too. Because, no matter the art form I’m working in, it’s all about the process for me. There’s something very challenging about getting those twigs and flowers to just balance against each other, no glue holding anything in place or making anything permanent in any way. I mix and balance different textures, shapes, and petal colors, to get an eye or a lip to look more expressive or unique, like in this new portrait of Frida Kahlo.

So you can get a glimpse into the process, I’ve put together a few quick pics I took while creating this Frida. First of all, nothing happens without a trip through my neighborhood for foliage. I like to call this "walking with scissors" or "drive-by-clippings"! For the record, I haven’t been arrested yet. 

Now, you can't judge, but I carry baggies around in my purse (and scissors, and a big bag in my car) for all the dried stuff I pick up from everywhere I go. It’s impossible to know the name of all plant material I use. But for this Frida, the plants I know are listed below!

I start with the frame of the face, then move on to the eyes and nose, always waiting to place the lips very last – they shrivel up in a matter of minutes! 

Face outlines - dried clematis woody stems
Hair - willow seeded eucalyptus
Pupil of eye - honeylocust seed from the pods
Dried disk florets and carpet stamen for flecks in the Iris
Iris - eucalyptus leaf
Eye duct - parsonsia
White highlight in eye - baby’s breath flower
Necklace chain - dried boxwood
Eyebrows - dried willow tree leaf
Dress - Rose petals

When I get everything just right, I use my DSLR to take the final photos. When it’s time to say goodbye (sometimes they’re hard to part with) I just push it all off the board, some pieces are recycled back to Mother Nature and most I keep to reuse!

If you’d like to see more foliage faces, take a look at the Instagram hashtags from some of my favorites: @Justinablakeney #facethefoliage (she started this whole thing!), @Yucatansea #clfacethfoliage, and @Simone_wit #swfacethefoliage. You can also follow us along at @sistergoldenshop #sgflowerfaces.

Here's a look at some of my newest flower faces available in print here!

Let me know, is there a famous face you'd like to see me attempt out of twigs and flowers? Who would you frame and hang in your space? 




Belinda - May 13, 2019

Hi V,
Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents. Have a few questions.
Do you do any Frida that can be printed in black & white? Do you ever create using a customers family photo?
My fav colors tones are burgundies & plums, which Saint Frida is gorgeous! Can you suggest any other prints in those colors?
Last, do you still have the long haired with succulent crown print? Wishing you many more successes in 2019🎉 Ty, Belinda

Simone - June 21, 2015

Dear Vicki! Interesting to read about your ftf process! And to watching the close up pictures of the face/ eyes. How beautiful! Happy you didn’t get arrested yet, because I would miss your faces too much when you are brhind bars ? And Thank you for the recommendation! ?

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