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How to Frame Your Calendar Prints

We've got the step-by-step guide, as demonstrated by Vicki, for cutting out and framing the prints from our Balancing Mother Nature Calendar. We promise, it's really easy! We'll explain the details for framing any of the square 9x9" prints in the calendar. V specifically chose March's print from our 2020 calendar, "Wild Heart", for this tutorial. Ok, ready?!

The first step is to collect your calendar, your frames, and your supplies. We framed "Wild Heart" in this 10x10" white frame. This size frame works perfectly because we strategically sized the square prints in the calendar to be 9x9" and allowed extra room for a border.

The other things you'll need are:

- a cork-back ruler, like this one

- an X-Acto knife or similar precision cutting tool, or sharp scissors if that's all you've got.

- a piece of backing board or other type of board to act as a hard protective layer between your calendar and table surface. 

- tape [this is only required if you're using a frame with a mat and need to stick the print to the mat]

- a spray bottle of water (or glass cleaner)

- an E-Cloth, like this one, for cleaning the frame glass with water – they're amazing! (or paper towels)

If you're using a 10x10" frame, like we did, measuring for the cuts you're going to make couldn't be easier! Use your ruler to measure a 1/2" from the edge of the image and mark with a pencil. Do this around all 4 sides.

Once your marks are made, you need to "free" the month you're working with from the binding of the calendar (you could do this before making your marks too). To do this, use your X-Acto knife to make a cut through the top of the month parallel to the binding. Make sure you flip the calendar so the month your working with is the only one you're cutting through! Now you can use your ruler to make the rest of your cuts along the marks you made. Hold the ruler in a firm straight line and run your knife down it's edge. When you've finished trimming, you should be left with a 1/2" border along all 4 sides. 

Now you're print is ready to frame! If your 10x10" frame came with a mat, save it to use as extra backing behind the print when you reseal the frame. Before slipping your print into the frame, clean the inside of the glass with water and your E-Cloth. Hold it up to the light to make sure no fuzzies are left behind. 

Once the glass is totally dry, pop the print right in and reseal the frame. Include whatever backing and mat came with the frame too, this helps add tightness and keeps the print flat. Flip it over and clean the outside of the glass. 

Just like that, framed art!

Framing the 8x10" rectangle prints in the calendar is basically just as easy. You have two options. First, cut right along the edge of the image without leaving a border and pop it in an 8x10" frame, like this one. Sometimes the actual dimensions of these frames vary, so we recommend taking the piece of glass from your frame and laying it over the calendar image you're working with to see just exactly where the image will need to be cut (if it happens to be slightly inside or outside of the actual edges of the image)! 

The second option is to choose an 11x14" frame, like this one. You'll use the mat in this instance, so when you cut out your calendar image you'll include about a 1/4" of white border. This border will allow you to tape your print to the mat!

Have any questions? Leave them in a comment, or send us an email! 

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