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Sister Golden Storefront: Part 1

We recently announced that we'll be opening a Sister Golden storefront (that's right, Sister Golden in real life!) this spring in Fish Creek, WI and we're BEYOND excited! My family has a long history with Door County, WI – my dad started visiting with his parents and brothers when he was a young boy living in the southern part of Wisconsin. He introduced my mom to the area years later, and they began bringing my brother and I up to sail and camp during summers and on long weekends since I was little. 

Door County is the peninsula that juts off the eastern side of the state of Wisconsin between Green Bay and Lake Michigan. It's known for its miles and miles of beautiful shoreline and multiple state parks, along with its artist community, quaint towns, theater, cherries, and shopping & dining (fun fact: chain restaurants, hotels, etc. are highly disapproved of, so everything is small business, mostly family owned and operated). It's often referred to as the "Cape Cod of the Midwest" and it's our happy place.

My brother and I worked multiple jobs in Door County during summers through high school and college and those are the years I truly fell in love with the lifestyle and tight community. After starting Sister Golden while living in San Diego, and running it from Chicago later, the stars aligned when we learned a location was becoming available on Main Street in Fish Creek – the premier street in one of the busiest shopping and dining towns in the county (and coincidentally right next door to the boutique I so loved working at during my high school and college years).  

The location is originally an old house built in the 1930's. The downstairs area has since been converted into a retail space, while the upstairs remains a 2 bedroom apartment. The bones of the house are amazing, with so much character that we're going to maintain and celebrate. However, there are some cosmetic renovations that need to be made to refresh the space. We wasted no time and jumped right into the updates!

The photos below tell the first (not so pretty) part of our reno story – these are the "befores". We didn't catch a photo of the "before" floors as we started the work on them so quickly. They were as dark as the baseboards and very worn. These photos show the floors after they had been sanded down to the natural color of the original maple wood and sealed. We're in love with the driftwood color result and all the character shows through! 

The front door and smaller room to the right as you walk in will house a big wood cabinet and table display 

Small room to right has a large back window that looks out to a deck and stairs up to a private parking area

Larger room to left of front door and small nook which leads into a 3rd room. On the very right is a door that leads to a staircase up.

Large room to left of front door will house our checkout counter, floating shelves, large display table and jewelry cases

Large front window in room to left

Glimpse of nook and third room that lead off the large room to left

Third room

Lucky for us, my aunt (my mom's sister) is an amazing carpenter and she's building us a custom checkout counter and beautiful floating shelves. But that's not where the work stops. We will be putting a fresh coat of paint on all the walls, ceiling, baseboards, windows, front door, etc., taking down the ceiling fans and installing all new lighting, ripping the carpet off the walls in the 3rd room, painting and finishing the checkout station, painting and restoring the jewelry cases, and more (brain's fried. can't think). OH! The exterior. We haven't touched that yet...

Meanwhile, upstairs, we're redoing the kitchen and bathroom and refinishing the floors to match what was done in the shop. A few pictures we snapped mid-tear out: 

Carpet (yes, carpet) was ripped out of the kitchen and existing cabinets and counters were demolished

Adding an arch to the entryway to the living room, new cabinets, counter, floating shelves, and refinished wood floors

Phew! Thanks for bearing through the worst with us. We promise it all gets better from here. Stay tuned!

Follow along on our Instagram stories for video updates as they happen!

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Gretchen Phillips - January 6, 2017

This is a good reason to visit again. Looks like a lot of love and hard work is being done .
I know this will be a remarkable addition to Fish Creek community. Go SISTER GOLDEN!

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