This morning we turned our store into the quaintest of venues for an impromptu jam session with the uber talented Sophie Sputnik. She and her girlfriend, Amanda, are customers who have become fast friends, and are two of the many ways opening our brick and mortar store has enhanced our business and enriched our lives.

We've said hello to thousands of people who have walked through our doors this summer to 'checkout the new shop in town'. Little did we know some of these women would become familiar faces and friends who would share their talents and intimate moments like this with us...Is this the right time to throw out a #BLESSED?!

Our resident photographer man, Matt Sampson, snapped these shots of our little private concert. They're making us feel all warm inside.

Find Sophie's band, Killmama, here and her music on Spotify here

If you're fast, you can still catch our Instagram live story, too. 

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