Magic Candle
Magic Candle Magic Candle Magic Candle Magic Candle Magic Candle Magic Candle
$ 21.95

Ignite creative energy, fill your new home with good vibes, seek clarity, or exude positivity with these magic candles. They make the perfect gift for a friend in need of a little magic too!

Candles are scented and dressed with crystals inside. Made with all natural palm wax. Wax colors may vary from photo.

Approx. 8" tall x 3" wide

Clarity – Clear your mind and spirit

Creativity – Ignite those creative powers within and put those ideas in action. Release creative blockages and get your imagination flowing again.

Gratitude – Assists in releasing fears. Instills trust, faith, and belief in all things

Healing – Expedite your recovery process and return you to wholeness. Heal wounds of all kinds and provide the energy necessary to regain whatever power has been lost.

House Blessing – Cleanse and purify your space. Remove stale energies from your home, bless your family, your home and your belongings, or give the candle as a housewarming gift.

Positivity – Make room for positive thoughts and energy so that you can have a more peaceful life.