"Faith" Flower Face Print
"Faith" Flower Face Print "Faith" Flower Face Print "Faith" Flower Face Print
$ 35.00

As featured by BuzzFeed, Mashable, POPSUGAR, Better Homes & Gardens, and more! 

Print of original Balancing Mother Nature™ flower creation by Vicki Rawlins, this piece is originally made from all real foliage!

No glue, no tape, just mother nature balancing delicately on itself...read more about Vicki's process here.

Hi-resolution print on premium quality photography paper


  • 8x8 – 8x8" image size printed on 10x10" paper
  • 12x12 – 12x12" image size printed on 14x14" paper
  • 16x16 – 16x16" image size printed on 20x20" paper

Because of the 3D quality of the original art, the print reproductions look like they pop off the page!

Looking for a custom size? Feel free to inquire with us at chat@sistergolden.com.

*This is a print, not an original. Originals are not for sale.