Frazada IV - Sister Golden
Frazada IV - Sister Golden Frazada IV - Sister Golden Frazada IV - Sister Golden
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This gorgeous Peruvian frazada is handwoven by artisans near the Cuzco region, approximately 3400 meters up the Andean mountains of Peru.

Approx. 67x62" 

Using the same techniques as countless generations before them, artisans take about a month to complete just one piece.

Made from sheep and alpaca wool and colored with natural dyes, they are luxuriously thick and each one is unique in color, texture, and design!

Frazadas are incredibly versatile and durable textiles that can be used as rugs, throws, bed coverings, picnic blankets, or wall hangings – the possibilities are endless! The best part? They are pet and kid friendly!

Frazadas and other traditional handmade products are becoming more and more scarce. Our aim is to ensure that this ancient tradition continues to be past down through the generations and that this beautiful expression of Peruvian and Andean culture has the opportunity to be showcased in people's homes around the world.