Vintage Moroccan Pouf VI
Vintage Moroccan Pouf VI Vintage Moroccan Pouf VI
$ 243.75 $ 325.00

Straight from Morocco, this fun pouf made from a genuine vintage rug is the perfect addition to any space!

Do as the Moroccans do and stuff the pouf with old clothes and blankets, or grab some batting from any craft store and stuff it to the perfect softness. You can also use pillow inserts, extra comforters, and sleeping bags!

Approximately 48 x 24 x 10" – it's the perfect size for extra seating or lounging, a kid's room, or a large dog bed!

Shipped unstuffed

The rug that this pouf is made from is a vintage piece and therefore perfectly imperfect! It has been professionally washed and repaired, however some signs of wear are still present. Embrace these as proof of authenticity, knowing that no one else will ever have the same pouf as YOU. 

*Please note all vintage poufs have a unique return policy. Please refer to our rug return policy. See details.