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Enjoy free shipping on orders of $150+ in the continental US!
Enjoy free shipping on orders of $150+ in the continental US!

Self Care

  • Palo Santo Sticks

    $ 34.00

    Palo Santo is a sustainably cultivated wood from South America that has natural aromatic properties from its resin. The scent is complex (and insa...

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  • Totem Candle

    $ 44.00

    The lid on these candles is actually a tin filled with matches (surprise!). With a striker right on the bottom of the lid, you have everything you...

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  • Oil Diffuser

    $ 62.00

    Aromatherapy never looked so good. This sleek ceramic diffuser elevates your space as it diffuses essential oils throughout your home. Dispense a ...

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  • Words to Live By

    $ 16.95

    Words to Live By is a gorgeous book of 50 illustrated quotes by 50 inspiring women.Discover intelligent and powerful quotes such as: “Optimism is t...

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  • Marbles Soap

    $ 9.95

    These gorgeous vegan French soaps are handmade of pure organic shea butter and olive oil, and each scent is beautifully fragrant!  Gentle and moist...

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  • Bisby Global Tin - Sister Golden

    Bisby Global Tin

    $ 14.00

    These beautiful brushed gold flights will take you wherever you dream to go! 4oz.  Paris: Nigh time botanicals with dark violet, jasmine, & ro...

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  • Dream Decoder - Sister Golden
    Dream Decoder - Sister Golden

    Dream Decoder

    $ 16.99

    Ever dream that you were flying? Or being chased? Do you wake up and wonder 'what did that mean'?  Dream Decoder presents 60 of the most common dr...

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