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The FOUND Collection

Vicki can still remember the very first piece she ever thrifted, it was a handmade, hand painted plate. She was thrilled and it felt different than buying anything else. Maybe it was all the time spent sifting through the not-so-great stuff to find that diamond in the rough. Score! We’ve been thrifting for years, filling our homes with “found” pieces that –– once incorporated in with new and handmade –– make a space feel timeless and charming and can add whimsy. EVERY home needs whimsy!

Nearly every display piece in our brick & mortar shop is thrifted! Almost all of our props for photo shoots are thrifted, too. It just felt natural that we share pieces like this with you. We are so excited to include a thrifted vintage section in our shop, filled with special things that we feel can take your “shelf stories” to a whole new level, or add that character and whimsy you never knew you needed. Have fun!

- Vicki & Brooke