Chocolate Silk Sabra Pillow
Chocolate Silk Sabra Pillow Chocolate Silk Sabra Pillow
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Sabra silk is hand-loomed in Morocco from a natural vegetable fiber harvested from the sustainable agave cacti found in the Sahara Desert, then dyed with vegetable dye. It is also known as agave silk, vegetable silk or vegan silk.

The process to produce sabra silk has not changed for centuries. Once the cactus plant is collected from the long agave plants, the leaves are crushed and the fibers washed and hammered. The leaves are then soaked in water to separate the fibers and filaments, which are then spun and woven to make 'silk threads'. Lastly they're dyed in different colors.

The textile produced thick, strong and durable, and is almost wrinkle-free.

approx. 20x20", usually fits a fluffy 20x20 insert

Sturdy zip closure

Insert not included

*We recommend not washing as the natural dye may fade. If needed, dry cleaning is a better alternative.