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Golden Donation Month 2016

This October marks our 3rd Annual Golden Donation Month and we couldn't be more excited and privileged to be supporting – with your help – Na'atik Language and Culture Institute in the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico!

This month a percentage of our sales on will directly help at least one young local Mayan student by funding their English language schooling at Na'atik for an entire year. 

Thanks to my brother (Vicki's son!) Andrew, who is currently teaching English at this thriving and highly rated immersive language school, we were introduced to this amazing opportunity. Like Andrew said, "Many families in the Maya region of Felipe Carrillo Puerto are unable to afford extra education for themselves or their children, education that would open the doors of many more opportunities for them. If you've been donating money to a very large, but seemingly 'distant' charity or organization for which you don't feel you're making a large impact, please consider fundraising a Na'atik student. Na'atik is something special, something small, and something tangible."

Hearing first hand Andrew's stories about the playful and eager young students, and the hours and hours of hard work he's contributed as a teacher and advocate of the school, this opportunity hit home and felt right. 

Na'atik was founded by Seattle native Catherine Gray (now dual citizen US/Mexico) and her Mexican-Maya husband Pedro Esquivel Puc in 2010. Catherine first started teaching private English classes in town in a rented house and as demand grew, she had to quickly co-opt both the bedroom and the porch for class space.

Catherine and Pedro quickly learned how many young people wanted to study but simply couldn't afford it.  Not willing to turn students away, and wanting to provide a safe space for learning, they expanded the program, hiring native English-speaking teachers from around the world to teach affordable English classes for the local community.

In 2012, Catherine and Pedro purchased land and built a spacious, beautiful, ecological school building with gardens and all-modern facilities.

It is now a thriving language school with over 160 students of all ages and has welcomed SAY (Study Abroad Yucatan) students from the U.S., Canada, England, New Zealand and Australia.

Read more about Na'atik's story here. 

We just want to say thank you once again for supporting small business. Vicki and I feel like Na'atik fits right in this "small" model too, being a relatively small non-profit changing the lives of children!

Only a few Na'atik students currently remain to be sponsored. Together we will support one or more of these students studies for the entire year! We can't wait!

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Behind the Homepage: Easy Pour Over

A pour over is one of our favorite ways to make coffee because this method always produces the best tasting cup! Our new mug & pour over sets make brewing a perfect cup of coffee totally easy and allow you brew a single serving from home or at the office – it's not just a coffee shop thing anymore!

The video features some of our favorite new home goods including our White Cloud Mug, White Cloud Pour Over, Starry Night Mug, Starry Night Pitcher (shown as a vase), Batik Coffee Scoop, Houseplants Tea Towel, and Ceramic Planter (shown as a coffee ground cellar). Shop the Look!

Video by Matthew Sampson (@mattdsampson,


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The Best of Summer

This summer has us feeling both grateful and totally inspired. We've had opportunities to collaborate with a handful of very creative women, including the succulent-whisperer, Angelique, of Fairy Blooms who provided us with succies to create this succulent fairy. Vicki created this summery wonder using farm fresh bouquets from the new Venice, CA-based flower company The Bouqs. Plus, we couldn't be more excited to be working with the shampoo company for curly girls, Deva Curl! Most recently they adorned their event spaces for their "Froday" festivals in LA and New York with larger than life prints of our "big-haired" flower girls! 

Sister Golden was featured around the web from Mashable to PopSugar, Bored Panda, the Gardenista, and Buzzfeed Japan. You can also find our photos shared on Instagram by inspirational accounts with a million+ followers like @designmilk, @realsimple, @betterhomesandgardens, @dibujoses, @artfido, and many more.

New flower prints were added to the shop including this Frida and Audrey Hepburn. We also welcomed a new Portland-based artist, Katie Mudd, to the shop with these amazing mugs made exclusively for us (matching pitchers coming soon). Customer favorites like our boob pots and african baskets are back in stock too. 

Summer really has been sweet, spending a few (plus a few more) days in our favorite place, Door County, WI, where Vicki spends time in her garden and I spend time paddle boarding on the lake. 

Find us on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat (sister_golden). Leave us a comment and let us know what you've been up to!

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Styling With Baskets

We're totally embracing the tried and true design idea of styling with baskets! Whether it's over your bed or couch, around a light switch or in an entryway, you can make a huge impact with just a few of the right pieces (or a full-blown collection). We've just added 4 new gorgeous sisal and sweetgrass baskets to the shop that pair perfectly together for a fun and boho-inspired statement (they have loops on the back for easy hanging)! Plus, we've rounded up a few of our favorite examples of how to style baskets below!

{Images via Pinterest}

Shop our collection!

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Mother's Day Mimosas

If you're a grapefruit lover you HAVE to try these! They require just one extra step over the super-easy traditional mimosa, and they're refreshing and citrusy without being too sweet. Tear a few sage leaves and place them at the bottom of a glass, fill with ice. Add 2oz (about half a grapefruit) fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice and fill the rest of the way with a sparkling wine. I used a brut rosé. Finish with another sprig of sage and grapefruit wedge. We'll be mixing a few up for Mother's Day and you should too!

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