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Flower Art FAQ's

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to artist and Sister Golden co-owner, Vicki's, flower art prints. Here are our top 8 most frequently asked questions, answered! 

1. Are your prints 3D?

Our flower art prints are not 3-D. They're 2-dimensional (flat). This being said, many people have held our prints in person and said they look almost 3-D because of the depth that's captured in the quality of the print. 

2. What does "print" mean?

Our prints are 2-dimensional reproductions of the photograph Vicki takes of her original creation, on 100% cotton fine art paper with archival inks. 

3. Can I buy an original? 

In short, no, but we'll explain why! Vicki's original creations are made of 100% Mother Nature (twigs, leaves, flowers, etc). When she's building them, she doesn't use any glue or tape to adhere the bits of nature to her surface, so everything is just balancing. Once she takes a photo of her finished piece, she wipes it away and recycles the elements back outside or saves them for use in her next creation. Therefore, originals only exist for a very short time before they start to wilt and fade and are inevitably recycled back to the earth in which they came from. 

4. How do you preserve it? 

As you may have gathered from the answer above, her original creations are not preserved. They're documented with a photograph (as explained above), and then recycled, aka composted. Vicki doesn't preserve her pieces because letting them go is part of her therapeutic process. 

5. Do you glue it down? 

Nope! Let's just say Vicki never has a ceiling fan running, and her windows are never open if it's breezy! 

6. Where do you get your flowers? 

Mostly, Vicki takes walks in her own backyard or around her neighborhood and gathers fallen bits of earth. When she wants to create with vibrant, blooming flowers that aren't growing outside, she'll buy a bouquet from her local florist or grocery store. She's also gifted flowers and natural elements often. 

7. Do you draw it first and then put flowers on top? 

Some people assume that Vicki's portraits are drawn first, but they're not. Vicki uses thin twigs to create the outline and details of her faces, like Van Gogh, Einstein, and Elton John. 

8. Do you do custom work? 

Vicki doesn't currently do commissioned pieces for individual collectors, because she has the most fun and is most inspired when she's creating what's in her heart. She is always flattered and grateful when asked!

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