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Pillow Encyclopedia: A Quick Guide to 3 Unique Styles

Pillow Encyclopedia: A Quick Guide to Three Unique Styles -

There is no question about the fact that we LOVE a good pillow. They're styled onto just about every piece of furniture and heap over multiple bins and benches in our store. But despite the vast array of gorgeous colors and patterns to choose from, these are actually all different variations of a few select pillow types that we're passionate about sourcing for the store. There are 3 styles in particular that are our tried-and-true favorites (these are the ones interior designers can't get enough of!), not only because they're beautiful and work into nearly any decorating style, but because they all have 3 major qualities in common. 

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Store Turned Stage

This morning we turned our store into the quaintest of venues for an impromptu jam session with the uber talented Sophie Sputnik. She and her girlfriend, Amanda, are customers who have become fast friends, and are two of the many ways opening our brick and mortar store has enhanced our business and enriched our lives.

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Picture Perfect Pairings

It's on a daily basis that V and I find ourselves back in the gallery with customers, usually sprawled out on the floor, helping them choose a collection of prints that will compliment each other and work perfectly in their space. It takes a lot of arranging and rearranging and when we find a winning combination we make a mental note, give everyone a hi-five, and say "we really need to write that blog post about prints that look really good together"! So, here are a few winning combinations. Whether you're looking for a pair, a small grouping of 3, or a gallery wall of 9, feel confident mixing & matching from the prints shown here (but really, the possibilities are endless – put your creative spin on it!).

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Sister Golden Storefront: We're Open!

Did you hear? We're now open in Fish Creek, WI and our first 3 weeks have been a dream! Come visit us at 4147 Main Street in downtown Fish Creek!

We thought we'd give you a quick peek into our space in case you don't live close enough to drop by. PS. You can see our "before" pictures and read a bit more about the space in our previous post here.

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Basket Encyclopedia

Baskets are one of our favorite things to decorate with! They're popular in the design world for their unique shapes, bold colors, natural flair, and ability to add a bohemian vibe to any space. But even more beautiful and intricate than their design, is their story. Below is a quick guide to the origins of a few popular styles of African baskets. You can shop our full collection of unique baskets here.  


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