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Enjoy free shipping on orders of $150+ in the continental US!
Enjoy free shipping on orders of $150+ in the continental US!

Quick Guide: Frames for Flower Prints

Ready? We're going to make this really easy! Here is our super simple guide to framing flower prints, including sources for frames! Just keep scrollin'. 

We sized our flower prints strategically, so they can often pop right into standard size frames!

Guide to Framing Flower Prints - Sister Golden

Our 8x10" prints are printed on 11x14" paper. This means there is a nice white border around the edge of the print, allowing it to pop right into a standard 11x14" frame without a mat. This framethis frame, and this frame are affordable options. Some of our most popular prints available in the 8x10" size are "Free Spirit" and "Over the Fields". 

Note: Most 11x14" frames come with an 8x10" mat. BUT, the opening is usually cut slightly smaller than 8x10", so would cover up some of the print image. Just go without it!

Our 16x20" prints pop right into a standard 16x20" frame with the same nice white border around the image. We like this frame and this frame. A few of our personal favorite prints available in 16x20" are "Grow Good Thoughts" and "Pineapple"! 

Guide to Framing Flower Prints - Sister Golden

Square prints are just slightly more tricky, but we've done most of the legwork for you! Like our other prints, our 8x8" prints have a white border, making the entire paper size 10x10". This is a nice frame for an 8x8" print, like "Under the Stars", using the mat that comes with the frame. This is a great option too for a frame without a mat!

Our 12x12" and 16x16" prints are printed with a border giving them a 14x14" or 20x20" total paper size, respectively. Either find a frame that matches the total paper size or find a larger frame that is matted to fit the print size. We like this option for a 16x16" print like "What Would Frida Do?". 

ArtToFrames is a great source for almost any size frame in an array of different wood finishes, too!

Guide to Framing Flower Prints - Sister Golden

Here's the lowdown on what we tell most customers who visit our gallery:

1) If you've found a frame you love, but it's not matted to the perfect size, don't worry! Take your mat and your flower print to a local framer, Michael's does it too, and have them cut the mat to fit the artwork. This is a very affordable service!

2) Dry mounting large prints is an optional way to reinforce them in a frame. Dry mounting a print can keep it from sagging or waving in a frame, which can sometimes happen in humid environments. Dry mounting is totally optional, but it's a little trick for keeping art prints looking their best for a very long time. A local framer will do this for a nominal fee. 

3) We like to suggest affordable ways to frame, but custom framing is also an option. This allows you to choose the frame and the mat that best fits the art piece without having to worry about all the sizing details. Take your print to a local trusted framer, or send it out to a service like Framebridge!

Have a specific question that we didn't answer above? Send us an email at We're happy to help!


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