“Much like the flowers themselves, each arrangement is entirely ephemeral, fabricated by Rawlins without the aid of glue or tape. Once complete, Rawlins either reuses the botanicals in another project or she simply returns them to Mother Nature. ‘There’s a freedom in knowing everything I’m doing is temporary,’ she explains…” - My Modern Met 


“Prepare yourself to be awestruck by Vicki Rawlins's flower portraits; using rose petals for lips and twigs for cheekbones, the Chicago-based artist collects pieces of mother nature in a bag and then painstakingly lays them out in her studio to create masterpieces.” - Popsugar 


​​"Using scissors and tweezers, Vicki arranges foliage and blooms into intricate scenes. Perfection isn’t the goal; if a rogue ladybug happens to knock a petal askew, that’s part of the charm. She snaps a photo, then it all goes back outside. ‘To me, they represent how fragile and yet resilient life is,’ Vicki says. ‘New life is created and then gives back to the never-ending cycle of growth and rebirth.’” - Midwest Living


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