Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Vicki make me a custom flower art print? 

A: While Vicki is honored each time she receives a request to create a commissioned piece, she isn't taking on custom projects at this time. 

Q: Are your flower art prints 3D / are they made with real flowers? 

A: The answer to this question is best prefaced with a bit more information about Vicki's process! Vicki goes outside to forage for her materials – she uses 100% real foliage, so everything she uses is from the earth! Then she brings the materials she's gathered back inside to her studio and starts building. She doesn't use any glue or tape, so everything is just balanced. Once she has her piece how she wants it, she takes a photo (the only documentation of the original). Then, she recycles everything back outside into the earth. Her originals are totally impermanent. We are able to create beautiful prints and cards from her photograph. Her process is sustainable, therapeutic, and totally unique! You can find her artist statement here

So, her originals are made with real flowers and are 3D, however the prints available for purchase are flat photographic prints of the original. 

Q: Can details in a flower art print be changed for me?

A: Because of the nature of Vicki's process (described above), by the time prints are available for purchase, the original has long been recycled back into the earth. No details in a print can be changed. 

Q: What frames do you recommend for flower art prints? 

A: We did a whole blog post on that, find it here!

Q: How long will it take for my print to arrive? 

A: Some of our flower art prints are printed-to-order. Because of this, we advise that an order could take up to 15 days to process before shipment. Typically, flower art print orders take less than 15 days to prepare. 

Q: Can I return or exchange a flower art print? 

A: Yes, at this time flower art prints are returnable under the guidelines of our general return policy